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What is drexler?

Drexler is a music platform where users can create, distribute and socialize via music.


Drexler is in a sweet spot of music, games, social media and celebrity culture.​

The platform gives the user the opportunity to become recognized for his musical talent without any requirement of a musical background or experience.


In it, you can personalize your own character based on how you interact with content, take on roles of artists and managers, create and publish music in under a minute, create playlists, become famous or/and make your followers famous as you can experience the thrill of the hustle of the music business in a gamified manner.


Drexler is not your typical distribution or talent searching platform. Drexler incorporates the universal language of music, the look of it and the feel of it and emerges the user in to like minded communities.


Our purpose of being is to democratize music and make it available to everyone.